I've been striving to create art that showcased the divine beauty of black and brown women. I hope that each woman that encounters my art feels celebrated. In my photographs, I hope women find authentic portrayals of themselves created, not for outside consumption, but rather their personal identification. In those moments that women are face to face with my art, I aim to give each of them permission to feel themselves, wholly; to make space for themselves to be bold and fiery but also soft and sensual. My goal is that every woman walks away from my art feeling an intrinsic permission to celebrate themselves in all the ways they may express their divinity.

I pull inspiration from the women in my circle and around my community. These women who perform everyday miracles, often playing both mother and woman, while eagerly seeking to discover themselves. There is a glow about a woman who is seeking out her whole self. It is a journey that radiates in across her skin. This inspires me. Honoring this beauty while pulling influence from the Baroque and Neoclassicism period, I create images that are worthy of the same pause of those shown across classrooms. We are worthy muses.

Based in Baton Rouge/New Orleans, La